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Loog Monster Tuner

Loog Monster Tuner

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  • Clip-on design.
  • Ultra-sensitive piezo pickup provides extremely accurate chromatic tuning based on vibration, no sound or cable input required.
  • Backlit LCD screen makes it easy to tune in well-lit and dark environments.
  • Accurately tunes your Loog guitar and a wide range of instruments, from standard guitars to 5-string basses, ukuleles and violins. 
  • Looks super cool!

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We started Loog not just to help kids play guitar, but to foster curiosity around music. From Beatles and Prince, to the history of punk rock, to the science of sound waves, to why there are so many metal bands in Finland 🤓

With Loog, kids get to play, learn and fall in love with music right from day one!